Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts

I really wanted to give handmade gifts for Mothers Day this year. I didn't really have that good an idea of what I wanted to make, I just knew I wanted them to be handmade. So yesterday the girls and I ventured out to Michaels to get inspiration. The whole time we were there all I could was how I wish I could sew. It's something I have never learned to do, and want to badly. One day when I have time and maybe am without little babies around me all the time I will take a class, until then I will dream.

So while we were walking around I saw some aprons and thought it would be fun to make aprons for the Grandmas from the girls. I got some iron on transfer sheets that go in your printer so you can put anything on them, and three aprons and called it good. Both my MIL, and my DH Grandma are amazing cooks! Grandma lives in her aprons! My mom is a good cook as well, but her health keeps her from doing too much. But, when she does cook she wears an PERFECT! I hope.

Today I made my Moms apron. I thought the sentiment I chose was really cute, "Grandmas Love is Homemade."

After messing up one whole apron....a little all the directions before attempting something new, lol, I got one really cute apron. But it looked a little plain. Just a sentiment wasn't enough.

Again, being able to sew would be a good thing here. I would have added pockets, or some ribbon or something. But, nope I am a paper I had glue, and flowers and buttons. I added a cute flower to it. After I added it I realized she wont be able to wash it!!!! Ooops! Washing is kind of important with a thing like an apron. Oh well, my mom probably wont use it that much anyway.

The other two I will finish this week. I might even see if my wonderful fantastic sewer cousin will be able to help me a little.

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